April 11, 2024

In Chatham Park, being more than a neighborhood is our way of life! The foundation of our dedication is Chatham Park’s core pillars of Innovation, Connectivity, Quality Design, Healthy Balance, and Stewardship that serve as the building blocks for everything we do. From adopting eco-conscious building methods to fostering community-wide initiatives, Chatham Park is championing the movement towards environmental mindfulness in the region.

During Earth Month, we celebrate the thoughtful design of our master-planned community, where every detail reflects our sustainable ethos. Read along as we explore the environmental practices and initiatives driving a brighter, greener future in Chatham Park for generations to come.

Functional Art
Ever marveled at how seamlessly our community art integrates with its surroundings? Here in Chatham Park, we’re flipping the script on everyday infrastructure, turning these elements into captivating art pieces that enhance our landscape’s beauty. Our talented local artists have worked wonders, transforming utility boxes, recycling bins, trash receptacles, and even the Water Recovery Center (WRC) into interactive masterpieces. 

For example, the MOSAIC roundabout art serves as a landmark by day and illuminates the area by night. While these “everyday” objects might typically detract from an environment, here in Chatham Park, they’re integral to its aesthetic appeal and a great way to showcase the talent of local creators. It’s evident that creativity and stewardship are woven into the very fabric of our community!

Green Home Standards
At Chatham Park, we’re not just talking the talk when it comes to living green – we’re walking the walk! From January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2023, our community collectively prevented one million pounds of emissions, thanks to our ecoSelect® Plus program with Southern Energy Management. This is a special certification program that goes above and beyond national standards, tailored specifically to Chatham Park. 

Did you know?

  • The program encompasses performance testing with renewable energy options, smart home features, and enhanced energy, water, and indoor air quality measures.
  • All Chatham Park builders must follow the ecoSelect® Plus program and offer accessible and affordable solar as an upgrade option at point of sale. This allows buyers to protect themselves against rising electricity rates, potential outages, increase their home’s value, and enjoy renewable energy for less than the cost of a monthly Netflix subscription. 
  • All Chatham Park homes are prewired for electric car charges. In fact, charging stations are being incorporated throughout our community’s entire design!

Fun fact: A lower Home Energy Rating (HERS®) signifies superior energy efficiency! The home with the lowest HERS® score for 2023 is in Vineyards at Chatham Park, boasting an impressive solar-powered score of 22. Its homeowners are projected to have an annual electric bill of just $168! With an average HERS® score of 59, well below the regional average of 100, Chatham Park is setting the standard for energy efficiency in the region. We’re incredibly grateful to have innovative, sustainability-focused builders who share our mission, crafting beautiful, economical, and cutting-edge designs right here in Chatham Park.

See the full 1/1/20-12/31/23 community and resident energy savings report HERE

Sustainable Solar Power
Expanding across 46+ acres, Tinker Farm is a powerhouse, generating enough electricity to fuel approximately 750 homes! Nestled along Moncure-Pittsboro Road, this solar farm champions clean energy and reduces greenhouse gases and air pollution emissions. It can produce up to 5 megawatts of power, showcasing the remarkable impact of Chatham Park and Strata Clean Energy’s commitment to sustainability.

But wait, there’s more! Tinker Farm isn’t just about powering homes; it’s also designed to nurture local flora and fauna. With 12 acres dedicated to native grasses, wildflowers, and white clover, it’s become a bustling ecosystem, supporting pollination, providing sustenance for bees, and enriching the soil with nitrogen. It’s the perfect haven for birds, butterflies, and a myriad of other insects to thrive.

Water Conservation
Chatham Park proudly takes the lead in sustainability with our state-of-the-art Water Recovery Center (WRC). It’s a game-changer in recycling wastewater into reusable greywater. Did you know that our WRC serves multiple purposes, from supporting irrigation to cooling down machinery, and stands as one of only two onsite systems of its kind in the entire nation? The accolades speak for themselves: the WRC earned the esteemed “Best Sustainable Project” distinction at the 2023 STARS Awards by the NCHBA and received the prestigious ACEC National Honor Award in June 2023, the highest honor in the engineering industry for project excellence.

But that’s not all the buzz about the WRC! Visible from the roof is a bustling pollinator garden that houses more than 250,000 honey bees. This garden boasts eight hives, trees, plants, and honeybee-friendly perennials carefully chosen by our team of landscape artists in collaboration with the North Carolina cooperative extension. As our pollinator garden flourishes, we’re dedicated to caring for these industrious little workers and providing them with the perfect habitat!

In Chatham Park, we are committed to doing our part in creating a more sustainable tomorrow. Interested in the Chatham Park lifestyle? Visit our website or Information Center to explore our Live, Work, Play, & Learn community and experience the difference a greener way of living can make.