Who is the developer of Chatham Park?

Preston Development Company is the developer of the new home community Chatham Park. For more information, please visit their website at prestondev.com.

Where is Chatham Park, NC?

Chatham Park is a master-planned community located in Pittsboro, NC, just west of Raleigh. It offers easy access to The Triangle, while still in walking distance to the charming historic streets of Pittsboro. View our regional map here!

How big will Chatham Park be when completed?

At final buildout, Chatham Park will cover 8,500 acres. In addition, Chatham Park currently owns over 1,000 acres that are adjacent to the current planned development.

When did Chatham Park begin construction?

Although the first track of land was purchased in 2006, construction for the commercial parcel began in September 2014 with the groundbreaking for a new UNC medical office building.

When will Chatham Park be complete?

Chatham Park was originally expected to be a 40-year project, however latest projections estimate construction to be complete in approximately 25 years.

Where can I find current information on Chatham Park?

The most recent information on Chatham Park can be found on chathampark.com and pittsboronc.gov.

What retail spaces and shopping centers are open in Chatham Park?

There will be 2 million square feet of commercial space in Chatham Park. Currently, MOSAIC and Penguin Place are open for business with shopping, dining and services. Northwood Landing recently opened in June 2023 and is anchored by Lowes Foods and a few outparcels.

What areas are under construction in Chatham Park?

MOSAIC: A 44-acre walkable town center, mixed-use community with retail, office and residential. MOSAIC will be home to the first hotel in Chatham County.

Northwood Landing: A 92-acre, mixed-use, Lowes Foods anchored shopping center with outparcels and a 312-unit apartment community.

Vineyards: Chatham Parks first residential new home community.


Are any new homes for sale in Chatham Park?

Currently in Chatham Park there are homes for sale in Vineyards and MOSAIC. Vineyards is the first residential neighborhood located off Thompson Street within walking distance to downtown Pittsboro. There are 11 actively selling builders at Vineyards. MOSAIC is currently developing condominiums and apartments. Encore at Chatham Park, is the first 55+ age targeted community in Chatham Park and is walking distance to MOSAIC.

What types of homes are for sale in Chatham Park and what is the price range?

Vineyards at Chatham Park offers a variety of home types, including single- family homes and Townhomes from the high $300s and custom homes from the $900s. There are also apartments for rent and condos for sale at MOSAIC as well as Encore at Chatham Park, Chatham Park's first 55+ age targeted community. Check for available homes here!

Are there Age-Targeted Communities and 55+ homes for sale in Chatham Park?

Yes, Encore, a 55+ neighborhood by David Weekley Homes the first active adult enclave is now selling in Chatham Park early with plans of an additional 55+ community in 2024.

What are the current Homeowners’ Association (HOA) fees for Chatham Park?

The Chatham Park Residential Association 2024 Budget has the following breakdown for all residents within Chatham Park for 2024 Assessments:

  • 2024 CPRA Annual Assessment $277.23
  • 2024 Shared Costs $162.77
  • Total 2024 CPRA Annual Assessment = $440/per lot*
* The 2024 Limited-Service Area- Private Alley Assessment is $60. As such, those homeowners on private alleys have 2024 CPRA Annual Assessments of $500, which includes the Service Area Assessments.


Are there schools in Chatham Park, NC?

Currently, Chatham Park has two schools on the property. Thales Academy is a private school offering pre-K-8 grades, and Amazing Explorers Academy is a private STEAM preschool for children six weeks to 12 years old. In addition, Chatham Park will donate school sites to house both public and private schools based on actual student projections. The exact locations of these sites have not all been finalized.

What school district is Chatham Park zoned for?

Currently Chatham Park is in the Chatham County school district — home to some of the top-rated schools in the country.


Does Chatham Park have high speed internet?

Yes. Chatham Park is currently in discussions with internet providers who would serve the community with broadband speeds of One Gigabyte per residential unit and Ten Gigabytes per business.

Are there any walking or biking trails in Chatham Park and when will they be built?

Yes. Chatham Park plans to have 30+ miles of greenways and bike trails when completed. The trails will connect neighbors and neighborhoods, creating plenty of opportunities to live, work, play and learn. Trails and greenways will be built as the surrounding neighborhoods are constructed.

Are there parks in Chatham Park?

As with trails and greenways, parks will be built along with the surrounding neighborhoods. Currently, Knight Farm Community Park in Vineyards is open for play! This 10-acre park was dedicated to the town in 2021. It has a playground, splash pad, dog park and sports field.

How many pocket parks will Vineyards have for residents to enjoy?

There will be four pocket parks in Vineyards for residents to enjoy.

Is there a pool in Chatham Park?

Yes. Paddles Swim & Pickleball is Chatham Park’s first pool. Located in Vineyards, the private facility is open to residents and non-residents. There will also be a pool at the YMCA coming 2025.

When will the YMCA be complete?

Early 2025


Is Chatham Park a walkable community?

Yes. Roads in Chatham Park will be bicycle-friendly. Chatham Park will be connected by trails and greenways.


What are the environmental initiatives in Chatham Park?

Chatham Park is already setting the example in environmental sensitivity with its use of reclaimed water treatment systems, LEED certified buildings, wider riparian buffers, honeybee colony, a solar farm, LID storm water treatments, water conservation, and energy conservation. Chatham Park has partnered with Southern Energy to create an EcoSelect Plus program for all new homes which increases HERS (Home Energy Rating System) ratings and overall healthier households.

How do the Chatham Park bee’s help the environment?

Honeybees pollinate up to a 5-mile radius from their hive and thus, benefit all types of plants from farmers crops to trees and the flower boxes on front porches. Our master beekeeper Jody Moore says, honeybees don’t know where Chatham Park boundaries are, so they benefit all of Pittsboro, NC.

How is Chatham Park working to reduce their carbon footprint?

Sustainability is a top priority in Chatham Park. Electric charging stations are an initiative to help reduce carbon footprint. Charging stations are installed at MOSAIC and Vineyards. All houses are prewired for an easy charging station installation.

Is Chatham Park a smart community?

Chatham Park fully embraces the Environmental Protection Agency’s 10 Point Smart Growth Principles. Chatham Park reflects a commitment to mixed uses, compact village centers, a wide range of housing, walkable neighborhoods, centers with a strong sense of place, preservation of extensive open space, development directed toward existing downtown Pittsboro, and a variety of transportation choices. The PDD allows for predictable decision making throughout the development life of the project and provides multiple opportunities for a long-term partnership between Chatham Park and the Town of Pittsboro.

Are builders in Chatham Park using energy saving materials?

Yes. Builders in Chatham Park are required to use energy efficient materials and products. Chatham Park’s new homes are expected to use 30% less energy than existing homes. Builders achieve this by incorporating high efficiency appliances, spray foam insulation, low-e windows, low-flow toilets, high efficiency HVAC systems, and tighter building envelopes. In addition, Duke Power and PSNC, respectively, install smart electric and gas meters in every Chatham Park home. Smart meters have been shown to further reduce energy consumption by over 15%. On average, Chatham Park homes will have a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating of less than 70. Check out our ecoSelect® Plus Community Report.

Does Chatham Park use reclaimed water?

Yes. Chatham Park’s Water Recovery Center produces reclaimed water to be used for irrigation and for cooling commercial buildings, among other uses.

Is Chatham Park addressing water and sewer needs?

Yes. Chatham Park is working with the Town of Pittsboro for current and future water and sewer needs.

Is there a buffer around the Haw River?

Yes. Chatham County requires a 100ft buffer. Chatham Park has exceeded this requirement up to 1,000 ft.

Does Chatham Park have a solar farm?

Yes. Tinker Solar Farm is currently operational and powers over 750 homes.

Will native, drought-tolerant plants be incorporated into the landscaping?



Where does Chatham Park receive municipal services?

The Town of Pittsboro provides municipal services such as water, sewer, police and fire protection, trash pick-up, etc. for Chatham Park. For more information, please visit pittsboronc.gov.


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