November 9, 2022

How art ties into each of our five pillars of Quality Design, Stewardship, Connectivity, Innovation and Healthy Balance

Chatham Park provides each and every resident, vendor and visitor with the space to live, work, play and learn well… and local art is a big part of what makes our community thrive. Not only do diverse paintings, sculptures and murals provide a beautiful backdrop to everyday life, but inspiring architecture, infrastructure and landscaping also offer day-to-day functionality. This month, we celebrate how Chatham Park has integrated local art into its five pillars—Innovation, Connectivity, Quality Design, Healthy Balance and Stewardship—and how these pillars work together to create a balanced lifestyle for all.

Innovation: By implementing clean, cutting-edge technologies throughout our neighborhoods, shared amenities and local businesses, Chatham Park has already made a name for itself in sustainability. Local artists have transformed utility boxes, recycling bins, trash receptacles and even the Water Recovery Center into memorable, interactive works of art. These “everyday” objects traditionally detract from an environment’s aesthetic appeal… but in Chatham Park, they add to it.

a sign in a grassy area
a blue sculpture outside a building

Connectivity: Chatham Park’s well-rounded community spans over 7,068 acres, but its reach extends much further. As an active member of the Chatham County Arts Council, Chatham Park is always seeking new ways to encourage local artists to embrace their creative side. That’s why we are an annual sponsor of Chatham Art Council’s Go See This series, which celebrates art events in and around Chatham County.In the past, Chatham Park has also participated in Pittsboro “First Sunday’s” and Chatham Art Council’s “Chatham Experience,” both of which have featured the work of several local artists.

a person doing a wheelie on a log in front of a crowd

Quality Design: With its wide variety of shops, dining, entertainment and events, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy in Chatham Park. At multi-use public spaces like MOSAIC and Penguin Place, you’ll find art disguised at every turn: storefronts, maps, benches, bike racks and commercial architecture all work together to turn elements of everyday life into places for activity and community.

a sign with a variety of knives on it

Healthy Balance: Althougheverything in Chatham Park is just a quick walk or bike ride away, we want you to be able to chase your passions safely. Not only does intentional landscape lighting ensure that you can get exactly where you need to go, but it also highlights the many streetscapes, architectural details and other landscape elements that give our community a sense of place.

a large purple and white ferris wheel

Stewardship: From the UNC Urgent Care Center to the event lawn at MOSAIC, art provides an effortless balance between Chatham Park’s natural landscape and manmade community spaces. Unique art and architecture are integrated into signs and statues, adding both functionality and character to buildings, streets and other special places.

a building with a green lawn