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The Big Picture


Dedicated to the idea that a balanced lifestyle creates a richer life, our five pillars inform every planning decision we make, combining for a well-rounded life here. It’s these core values that solidify our commitment to creating a sustainable new home community dedicated to healthy living right here in Pittsboro, NC.


Chatham Park sets a new standard for what it means to be a resource-efficient community. Clean and cutting-edge technologies like a purple pipe reuse water line, a solar farm, and wastewater treatment plant bring a safe, forward-thinking lifestyle to all who live, work, play and learn here.



The master design behind Chatham Park encourages interpersonal connections that last. Between the MOSAIC monthly event calendar and the reliable, widespread availability of 5G, we make it easy to stay in touch with the people you want, when you want.


Quality Design

The architecture in Chatham Park offers a modern twist of patterns and forms, and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings. The community plan is perfect for fostering activity and community, putting everyone close to shops, dining, entertainment and events.


Healthy Balance

With so much to do and see in such close proximity, you spend more time enjoying what you love and less time getting there. Chatham Park is the perfect place to live a well-rounded, effortless lifestyle for your entire family, both physically and mentally.



Chatham Park is more than a series of well-planned neighborhoods; it is a development that has seamlessly integrated the natural landscape with open community spaces featuring inspiring manmade art and architecture.

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Our pillars guide the development of everything from infrastructure to buildings to every home plan available at Chatham Park. We work with trusted vendors to ensure our standards of development are met.
Fulfilling our vision

As the definition suggests, a master-planned community is carefully designed and planned before development, ensuring residential areas are seamlessly connected to places where we shop, work and relax. Larger master plans, like Chatham Park, are strategically designed to ensure close access to schools, healthcare and day-to-day essential services—all close to home because we believe in community over commuting.

The first tract of land for Chatham Park was purchased in 2006, and planning continued for eight years until we broke ground in 2014 on UNC Health and Penguin Place shopping center. Six years later, Vineyards and Knight Farm Park opened. MOSAIC, our first mixed-use community destination continues development with several merchants open for business.

Chatham Park will be more than a neighborhood, more than a suburb. Our amenities go beyond pools and parks and add up to a quality of life that’s bigger than the sum of its parts. We can’t wait for you to experience Chatham Park as we bring our vision into reality.

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