May 15, 2021

As our country’s energy needs evolve, increased energy efficiency in residential homes is a critically important goal.  Chatham Park, a technology-centric neighborhood in Pittsboro, N.C., is at the forefront of innovations to increase the energy efficiency of residential homes.  The neighborhood is based upon five pillars which set forth the neighborhood’s values, and one of the most important of these pillars is innovation – using clean, cutting-edge technologies to build a better world.  In furtherance of these values, Chatham Park has been working with Strata Clean Energy to provide more energy-efficient options to Pittsboro residents.

Strata Clean Energy (formerly known as Strata Solar) provides features to reduce home energy usage and reduce pollution through solar energy, and its technologies are the perfect complement to Chatham Park’s commitment to Innovation and Stewardship.  

In particular, Chatham Park and Strata have teamed up to develop Tinker Farm, a 45-acre solar farm off Moncure-Pittsboro Road that can generate up to 5-megawatts of power.  Completely connected to the grid, Tinker Farm supplies sustainable energy to approximately 750 homes in the Pittsboro area. 

The energy generated by Tinker Farm is sent straight to Duke Energy’s power grid to provide immediate energy to those 750 houses – some of which are in Chatham Park – meaning that less energy is required from non-renewable energy sources.  “Chatham Park has made a commitment to environmental, economic, and social sustainability, and Strata is thrilled to be able to bring our experience to help realize this commitment,” said Director of Community Outreach Ashly Johnson of Strata Clean Energy. 

The development of Tinker Farm has shown the positive impact that Strata desires to leave wherever solar farms are utilized.  Not only does Tinker Farm provide clean energy to power homes in Chatham Park, but the entire system is built to help both plant and animal life to thrive.  For example, Tinker Farm includes native grasses, wildflowers, and white clover, contributing to the pollination process, providing food for bees, and providing nitrogen to enrich the quality of the soil.

“At Chatham Park, we believe that clean, sustainable technology can improve landscapes to create an environmentally-conscious community,” said Executive Vice President Vanessa Jenkins of Preston Development.  “We welcome the inclusion of solar resources and solar technology to our homes and amenities.”

Chatham Park’s vision of Innovation and Stewardship is quickly becoming a reality. Enjoying the benefits of solar energy and the satisfaction in preventing pollution is made possible for Chatham Park homeowners with the help of Strata Clean Energy.