February 17, 2022

Why consider a move to a master-planned community? They’re not the stale collection of cookie- cutter houses that you may associate with developments from decades ago. Those older communities typically included only a neighborhood pool or lots adjacent to the golf course in a quest to add the title of “planned” to their names. A true master-planned community is built with a long-term vision that includes upgrades and additions to inspire its residents far into the future. When Chatham Park broke ground in 2014, it was with the goal of creating a self-sustaining community that would provide easy access to a variety of eateries, unique boutiques, healthcare, recreation, schools, and work. 

In this modern approach to master-planned communities, the residential spaces are representative of only a small piece of the exciting puzzle of a fully immersive neighborhood. Perhaps the biggest selling point of a modern master-planned community is convenience. In Chatham Park, for example, every new home, every storefront, every office, and every road connecting them has been designed to please both the eye and the mind. Master-planned communities take away the necessity to spend time away from your home base as you traverse from store to store over long distances. Errands and appointments are no longer ad hoc. Instead, your to-do list can be completed within your own community, close to home, allowing you to save time while mingling with your friends and neighbors.

Penguin Place, Chatham Park’s inaugural retail enclave, includes essential services such as eye care, financial planning, and real estate advisors. It also offers delicious dining options with four friendly restaurants: Café Root Cellar, House of Hops, Marco’s Pizza, and Mi Cancun. Whether opting for a night out, eating outside under the Carolina blue sky, or grabbing take-out to serve at home, there is truly something for everyone within the community. Moreover, all of these amenities are accessible via walking or biking paths if you don’t want to drive. At completion, there will be over thirty miles of greenways and trails, connecting you to your neighbors and shops without ever having to start your car. 

Chatham Park’s residents have been enjoying the amenities for several years now, and they can look forward to additional resources in the years to come. Just last year, MOSAIC debuted as the gateway to the community with 44 mixed used acres that include retail, restaurants, office space, healthcare, residential offerings, and entertainment venues. It is an entertainment and lifestyle destination alive with experience and stocked with interaction. On the quest for a self-sustaining community, the residents’ needs will continue to be filled in this lifestyle destination over the course of the next twelve months. 

It is sometimes difficult, when putting down new roots, to predict the future of a neighborhood. Will it flourish? Will it maintain its beauty? What types of businesses will be drawn to it? A master-planned community comes with all those answers, giving its buyers the peace of mind of knowing that their purchase will serve them well for generations to come. These communities offer the opportunity to lock into an investment with a long list of guaranteed and well-thought-out areas of growth. These are neighborhoods that navigate their own future both in the initial planning phases and in constantly tapping into what will be most relevant to those who live within its footprint.

Chatham Park’s vision of the future includes protecting the environment that encompasses it. The location for this community was selected more than a decade ago because of the gorgeous terrain that the over 7,000 acres offered, and the goal is to preserve that beauty for generations to come. To do so, this master-planned community uses clean technologies such as reclaimed water, part of a system that distributes recycled water for irrigation or other industrial uses. The community is also proud to provide electricity to power nearly 750 homes through a forty-six-acre solar farm. Homes within a master-planned community can lead to more stability in resale as the amenities that surround them help them maintain their positive value even as the market ebbs and flows.  

Another benefit of a master-planned community is nearly instant access to clubs and social groups. Those “new to the neighborhood” will not feel left out for long once they tap into the available extracurricular activities in and around their community. Situated with access to both the Haw River and Jordan Lake, North Carolina gems for water sports and hiking, makes living here a dream. The villages will host concerts, farmers’ markets, and art shows, offering many unique opportunities to meet your neighbors. And, in the Spring of 2022, Paddles, a swim and pickleball membership amenity located in Vineyards, right next to Knight Farm Community Park, will open. 

While the idea of moving into a planned development can sound very cookie-cutter, a modern master-planned community is anything but. The thousands of acres that make up Chatham Park create a feeling of spacious living while still placing all imaginable conveniences just steps outside your door. Such master-planned communities are not big box builds in which, once the last mailbox is planted, the neighborhood remains frozen in time. Instead, master-planned communities are ever- evolving to meet the needs and desires of its residents for generations to come. 

Chatham Park, in Pittsboro, NC, is more than just a place to call home; it is a place to thrive. The vision is to create a community that is fully self-sustaining while offering a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

For more information, visit chathampark.com or email info@chathampark.com.