May 17, 2022

Pets are important family members who bring loads of joy, laughter, and fluffy cuddles. Our Pittsboro neighborhood, Chatham Park, is full of pet-friendly areas in the form of endless walking trails, nearly 2,000 acres of dedicated parks and open space, easy access to water, and several restaurants which are happy to offer your canine companions a refreshment as they join you at an outdoor table.

In addition to the outdoor spaces we provide at Chatham Park, in-home innovation ideas range from simple to amazing for animal lovers. Here are some examples that can be added to any home.

  • Pet Door– One of the most traditional methods of giving independence to cats and dogs is with a pet door leading directly to an enclosed backyard. Traditionally, pet doors were installed on exterior doors, but today’s access points are a bit more creative. Ask for a small entry to be built into a wall where it will be less noticeable from the inside and less obvious from the outside. There are also several higher-tech versions of the pet door that include anything from microchip control to application control via a smartphone, ensuring that only those animals with the proper credentials can gain entry (or be permitted exit privileges) from your home. Here are a few to check out: Crutchfield, High Tech Pet, or Sureflap.
  • Pet Cleaning Stations- Pet cleaning stations is a great option for a convenient and dedicated space to clean muddy paw prints, on a regular day, or open your own mini-pet salon for bath day. By installing a low entry/exit shower, homeowners eliminate the struggle of lifting flailing pets into a standard tub or sink as they realize they are about to be groomed. These cleaning stations can be located close to outside doors, making them an easy stop on the way in from walks or an afternoon frolic in the rain. Look at these amazing options on Next Luxury. As an added bonus, if your family also enjoys exploring nature, a cleaning station can also serve as the perfect spot to rinse mother nature off boots or sneakers after a long hike on our greenways.
  • Pet First Aid Kit– In today’s homes, nearly every family member has their own space to drop shoes, backpacks, keys, or purses. Pets can benefit by having their own space as well and by consolidating it into one area, you will never lose track of their food, leashes, first aid, or treats. Did you know that your pets have special needs when it comes to first aid? You should have a ready-made kit on hand for any minor accidents, which can be stored right in Fido’s dedicated space!
  • Flooring- Flooring is a huge decision in the initial building of a home.  There are many options for pet-friendly flooring, which do tend to cost a little more upfront but will last much longer as they are scratch and stain-resistant. Look for flooring that will not easily “catch” your pets’ toenails (stay away from Berber carpet or wood flooring with deep grooves) and go the distance on water-repelling options. If you are undecided on heated floors, think of your pets! Senior pets can benefit greatly from heated floors. As they age and spend more time lying down, the warmth of heated floors will help keep their joints and muscles from getting stiff or sore.
  • In-Home Aquariums– Do you dream of sitting beachside and listening to the calm flow of water? For those long days that don’t end waterside, create your own oasis by installing an in-home aquarium. Save floor space by having a tank built into an existing cabinet structure, by repurposing an existing television niche, or even creating a faux wall. Built-In aquariums create a Zen-like atmosphere as the soft sound of moving water combines with the colors of the moving fish yet fit seamlessly into your home. They are also enjoyable distractions for your feline friends!

Perhaps starting small is a better option for pampering your pet. There are plenty of options to make day-to-day pet care easier, more entertaining, and safer.

  • Smart Leash– Have you heard the old saying, “If your dog is overweight, you’re not walking enough?” A smart leash is a great way to track both your and your pup’s steps each time you stroll through your neighborhood. Smart leashes come in so many forms from the most basic (with a carry case for waste bags or a guiding light) to those with Bluetooth to alert you to a pre-determined distance goal. If you’re a dog owner, you are likely using your leash multiple times each day. This is a great item to splurge on and Petkit has some terrific choices.
  • Treat Dispensing Dog Cameras– As much of the population heads back to its offices, pets and people alike are missing each other’s company. Remote Treat Dispensers allow regular visits with those furry faces, virtually. What a fun way to break up the workday (and to check how often your pets are commandeering the couch).
  • Smart Ball Camera– Playdate’s Smart Ball Camera allows virtual interaction with your pet while you are not at home, alleviating anxiety and increasing activity. The ball sits in a docking station until activated via an app, signaling to your pet that something great is about to happen. From wherever you are, the path of the ball is in your hands – literally! Using the app, the ball can be rolled remotely for a fun play session while your phone offers a close-up view of a happy face.
  • Airtags– We often think of Airtags as a way to keep track of phones or purses but did you know that many pet owners use them to eliminate the worry of a lost family member? A lost pet is unable to communicate its proper station or, in some cases, becomes so enthralled with exploration that they simply lose track of its surroundings. By attaching an Airtag to your pet’s collar, you will have the ability to locate them with the click of an app. GPS Collars by Findster are another option though it is recommended to check its battery regularly.

Chatham Park is a wonderful place for our furry friends with so much open space for them to enjoy. Why not add some upgrades to your home, as a thank-you for the unconditional love and joy they bring, as well?