July 14, 2023

From soothing a sore throat to providing an energy boost filled with rich antioxidants, honey deserves all the buzz! In our pollinator garden—visible from the roof of our Chatham Park Water Recovery Center (WRC)—we have over 250,000 bees creating honey on a daily basis. Our garden features eight hives, trees, plants, and bee-friendly perennials selected by the North Carolina cooperative extension as a source by our team of landscape artists. As our pollinator garden grows, we’re doing our best to take care of these tiny workers and provide them with the best home, while harnessing the many health benefits this delicious remedy can provide.

The Benefits of Honey
There are a host of benefits that come along with a spoonful of honey:

  • Improves the digestive system
  • Provides a natural way to detox your body
  • Keeps your body hydrated
  • Promotes a restful sleep
  • Reduces scars and blemishes
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Gives you a boost of energy
  • Is an effective remedy for a sore throat

We know what you’re thinking, that’s a lot of benefits! However, mix the antimicrobial into water and you’ll have even more amazing results. Working together to flush out toxins, warm honey water acts as a regulator and can help restore the body to a state of balance. 

Why You Should Shop Local for Your Honey
Consuming local honey is a great way to support local agriculture—it’s sometimes the only reward that small-time beekeepers get for their efforts—as well as ensure you’re getting the highest-quality product. Local honey can provide allergy relief too! Keep an eye out: You may even get the chance to sample honey from the Chatham Park bees in the future. In the meantime, check out some of our local farmers markets to get your hands on local honey. 

  • MOSAIC at Chatham Park Farmers Market | select Wednesdays on the Philip H. Kohl MOSAIC Family Commons from 5 – 8 PM
  • Fearrington Farmers Market | Tuesdays, in Fearrington Village from 3 – 5 PM
  • The Pittsboro Farmers Market | Thursdays at The Plant, 220 Lorax Lane from 3 – 6 PM
  • Chatham Mills Farmers Market | Saturday afternoons on Hillsboro Street starting at 12 PM

Incorporating Honey into Your Diet
You may be asking yourself, the health benefits of honey are exciting, but how do I incorporate it into my diet? Low-effort ways to work honey into your daily routine is by making warm honey water, adding it to your morning cup of tea, sprinkling over a bowl of yogurt, and more. Honey water can aid in weight loss, improve digestion, hydrates your body, strengthens your immune system, helps ease allergies, and more! 

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