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Chatham Park Logo White
Chatham Park Logo White
In Pursuit Of

The Big Picture

THE FIVE PILLARS we stand for

We’re creating way more than buildings and roads. Spanning across 7,068 acres, we’re creating a whole new kind of community. It’s these five pillars that inform every planning decision we make, combining for a well-rounded life here. 


Clean, cutting-edge technologies
including purple pipe reusable water lines,
a solar farm and a wastewater treatment plant
bring resource-efficiency for all who live,
work, play and learn here.


With everything in close proximity, our
master design encourages interpersonal
connections. On the technical side, we offer
5G so you can be on the grid when you need
to be reached (and disconnect when you
want to).

Quality Design

LEED certified buildings and village
centers foster activity and community,
putting everyone close to shops,
dining, entertainment and events.

Healthy Balance

Since everything here is just a quick walk
or bike ride away, you spend more time
chasing your pursuits and less time stuck in traffic.


We balance the serene beauty of our
natural landscape with open community
spaces featuring inspiring manmade art
and architecture.

Together, these pillars work to create a balanced lifestyle


Chatham Park is no small undertaking. In order to get a better sense of our current developments and our bigger, overarching plan, check out some of these helpful maps.

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The first tract of land for Chatham Park was acquired in January of 2006.


Construction began in September when we broke ground for a UNC Medical Office Building and Penguin Place, the 14,000 sq. ft. development of retail and office space. Today both are open for business and new occupants!


House of Hops and Seagroves Nationwide Agency OPEN!

Penguin Place OPEN!


First cottages available for presale and move-in

First custom homes available for presale

First community park open in October


New website Launch


Residential update COMING SOON!

Mosaic and additional retail update

Thales Academy
OPENING AUGUST 2021 for K–3!


5 year overview COMING SOON!


The Chatham Park Master Plan may change from time to time and should not be considered final with respect to land uses, nor should any particular order of development parcels be assumed. Approved development plans and other documents on file with the Town of Pittsboro should be reviewed to obtain detailed info about development of specific parcels in Chatham Park and locations of community facilities, roads, greenways and amenities.