September 16, 2020

Chatham Park, a Live, Work, Play, Learn community in Pittsboro, N.C. has donated 17 acres of land to Raleigh-based Thales Academy, making it the first school in Chatham Park. Located in the Vineyards neighborhood of Chatham Park, Thales Academy, a private, non-profit school, plans to open in July 2021 – aligning with new home occupancy in the neighborhood. Being built to accommodate K-12th grades on a year-round curriculum, the school will offer K-3rd grades in its first year, adding subsequent grades in future years.

“Chatham Park will be an ideal live, work, play, learn community for Thales Academy families, which supports our commitment to educating the whole person,” says Bob Luddy, Founder and Chairman of Thales Academy. “Providing a particularly valuable opportunity for students to live in close proximity to their school community and learn where they live, Chatham Park’s well-rounded, long-term vision offers fertile ground for the future leaders we foster at Thales Academy.”

a group of children sitting around a table

“When you look around the world today at what cities are growing, they are the knowledge cities,” says Bubba Rawl, Co-founder of Preston Development Company, the company developing Chatham Park. “The Research Triangle is already one of these cities and Chatham Park will be too. Our ultimate goal is to create the perfect community for our future residents. By donating this land to Thales Academy, and eventually donating school sites to Chatham County Schools as well, we’re giving the children of Chatham Park the perfect place to learn and thrive.” This is Preston Development Company’s second partnership with Thales Academy, the first was in Knightdale Station in Knightdale, N.C.

a group of children sitting at a table

Thales Academy cultivates critical thinkers by teaching students how to think, not what to think, fostering often-ignored skills such as writing and grammar, and developing confident leaders with strong integrity. Consistently outranking nationwide peers on objective, standardized tests Thales ensures its students are well-prepared for success in college and beyond. 

“We look forward to offering the value of a firm and balanced, superior educational foundation for Chatham Park families,” adds Luddy. 

The Thales campus will be similar to existing Thales Academy facilities balancing a modern, yet classical, aesthetic, allowing students to learn in an environment modeled after beauty and order. Campus features will include: floor-to-ceiling glass windows – flooding classrooms with natural light;  an iMac lab, Apple TVs in every classroom, and shared iPad carts – ensuring students are well-versed in technology. Additionally, the school will be outfitted with the latest safety and security features, including controlled-access doors, security cameras, and background check systems for all visitors.

Enrollment into Thales Academy is open to the public