March 2, 2021

We understand how important it is to stay connected in today’s virtual world as most of our lives have been relocated to our homes.  Back-to-back video calls now crowd our daily schedules with screen sharing fumbles livening up our digital presentations.  In the background, our children communicate with their teachers and classmates through a variety of inventive educational methods.  The doorbell sharply rings as your grocery order was delivered and you just received a text that your parents want to FaceTime…for the fourth time this week.  Life definitely has it challenges right now but when you choose to live in Chatham Park, the ability to connect and meet the demands of our current normal will not be one of them.  

As a part of our pursuit for Connectivity, Chatham Park offers 5G Fiber Internet from CenturyLink® (now Lumen Technologies) to each of its residents.  We make sure that each home is pre-wired with CenturyLink® “ON”, and WIFI is ready and waiting the first day you move in.  

“As seasoned developers, we always want to consider the needs of those who call our communities home,” says Executive Vice President Vanessa Jenkins of Preston Development Company.  “As our lives become more and more virtual, we knew that offering the ability to connect easily and efficiently was one of our top priorities for all of Chatham Park.”

Whether you are working from home, experiencing distance learning, or just staying in touch with family and friends, you need High Speed Internet that is fast and productive.  This development is just another part of our commitment to a new kind of community that we are building.  Discover a neighborhood where your challenges are met, your expectations are exceeded, and your life is fulfilled.  Discover Chatham Park.