Triangle Parade of Homes Comes to Chatham Park

Whether you’re thinking about buying a new home, or just want to reimagine the one you’re in now, the Triangle Parade of Homes is an event you won’t want to miss. This long-standing tradition in the Triangle is by far the largest open house event of the year and will be held during the weekends of October 1-2nd, 7-9th and 14-16th. It showcases new homes for sale, fully decorated model homes to tour and communities available for you to start building your dream home today.

For a community growing as quickly as Chatham Park, the Triangle Parade of Homes is the perfect way to get an inside look at some of the greatest single-family homes and townhomes in the Triangle area. Over the course of three back-to-back weekends in October, more than half a dozen of the region’s leading homebuilders will be showcasing the work of top architects, landscapers, home automation specialists, interior designers, manufacturers, and suppliers—all for your enjoyment. 

The theme of the 2022 Parade at Chatham Park is “Plant Your Roots,” and is meant to be a celebration of the native plants, trees and bees found in the area, as well as the new families that have made Chatham Park their home over the past few years. In addition to stunning home tours, Chatham Park is inviting everyone in the community to join us for our Parade of Homes Open House on Saturday, October 8th. From 12-5pm, attendees can enjoy local food trucks, instructor-led classes about Chatham Park’s environmental initiatives including solar energy and beekeeping, as well as fun activities to enjoy at Vineyards Sales and Information Center!

The Triangle Parade of Homes is the result of many months of planning, hard work and dedication, which is why we want as many people as possible to take advantage of the exciting event. Plan on snapping lots of photos and jotting down notes to reference later—you’ll be seeing state-of-the-art innovations in homebuilding, energy efficiency and sustainable architecture, as well as cutting-edge design that is sure to leave you inspired for your next redesign, repair or remodel. We also recommend wearing comfortable shoes!

Attending the Triangle Parade of Homes is not just an opportunity to experience Chatham Park’s beautiful homes, but the community as a whole. From our convenient location and stunning views to the countless amenities and retail spaces, we offer an award-winning, technology-centric, master-planned community that gives everyone the chance to experience a life well lived.


Get to Know Thales Academy

“Nothing is more active than thought, for it flies over the whole universe.” These are the words of Thales of Miletus, a Greek philosopher regarded by many as the Father of the Sciences and Western Philosophy. A master of thought, Thales saw education to be more than just a destination or mere accumulation of facts; rather, he viewed it as a lifelong journey in which students come to know and pursue truth. It is by emulating this model of excellence that Thales Academy has emerged as an immersive, effective educational experience—and it makes the school a perfect fit for the forward-thinking community of Chatham Park.

Founded in 2007, Thales Academy has very quickly gained a reputation for consistently outranking nationwide peers on standardized tests, resulting in heightened demand for the successful school model. Thales Academy opened the doors to their Pittsboro campus located in Chatham Park in April 2022, and is among eleven other campus spread throughout the southeast. Located in the Vineyards section of Chatham Park, the campus is directly south of the 10-acres that make up Knight Farm Community Park, making the school central and accessible to current and future residents.

According to Thales Academy Founder and Chairman Bob Luddy, each campus operates under the same underlying mission to cultivate tomorrow’s leaders by teaching students how to think, rather than telling them what to think. It does this specifically through its research-based method of direct instruction. The carefully planned approach to teaching, referred to by most faculty as simply “DI,” is a hallmark of Thales Academy. Although it is fast-paced and rigorous, the program is proven to effectively teach all types of learners at all ability levels by encouraging high engagement and expecting vocal participation. The program also reinforces individualized education in the following ways:

  • Students take a placement test to determine appropriate placement in the core subjects of Reading, Math, Spelling and Language Arts.
  • All students of one single skill level are placed in a classroom together and taught at a pace and level appropriate for their abilities.
  • Informal assessments are given daily throughout each lesson to determine immediate retention.
  • Formal assessments are given every 5 to 10 lessons to determine full comprehension.
  • Formal and informal tutoring and extra practice are administered as needed to most effectively help students reach mastery before advancing to the next lesson.
  • Teachers meet frequently to assess student progress and determine whether additional actions should be taken to help students succeed, including shifting students to different skill level groupings as needed.

This process allows students to rapidly gain and retain a wealth of knowledge while building self-confidence and competency in their abilities. In short, direct instruction ensures that students are prepared for success in college and well beyond.

“Thales Academy is one of many excellent institutions in the Chatham County Schools network,” said Administrator of Thales Academy Pittsboro Stefanie Glahn. “We felt it was important to offer the community a high quality, affordable education for students in Pre-K to 6th grades (with future plans to offer through 12th grade) through the use of Direct Instruction and a Classical Curriculum to ensure students are well prepared to succeed in higher education, career, and life while positively impacting the world around them. The location of Thales Academy Pittsboro provides a fully immersive living and learning experience for the residents of Chatham Park.”

At Chatham Park, the standard is always excellence, and as the first of many schools to become established in its area, Thales Academy is presenting students with a unique opportunity to receive a high-quality education while experiencing the innovation of a constantly changing and growing community. With community-building events and after-school activities offered year-round, students can truly
“live, work, play and learn” in Chatham Park, both in and out of the classroom. It’s a great jumping off point—and only the beginning for the community, which has also committed to making a school seat available to every child who lives in the development.

For more information about Thales Academy, visit You can also listen to the “Thales Academy” episode of Chatham Park’s podcast—the go-to resource that give you a ­­behind the scenes look at the people, places and projects that are coming together to create the perfect community.


A Non-Destination Vacation: Staycation in Chatham Park

Stay·ca·tion: /ˌstāˈkāSHn/: A period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within a day-trip distance of their home. Does not require overnight accommodation. Also known as “StayKay” or “Holi-Stay” The first known use of staycation was in 1944.

Vacations are a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, yet often involve swapping one form of a packed schedule for another. With a Staycation, families can enjoy a much-needed respite with activities consumed in smaller chunks, all while still spending nights in the comfort of home. And, with either zero or minimum daily mileage goals, Staycations can be enjoyed year-round as they are not dependent on large blocks of travel time.

How to organize a Holi-Stay?

Start by determining your drive: both in distance and motivation. Whether you opt to simply stay home and check items off the lazy-day wish list or pack the car for a day trip, start out by mapping out your destination. It may be only as far as the living room for an epic fort-building contest or it may be a road trip in search of North Carolina’s best ice cream – the beauty of a Staycation is the flexibility. With no reservations to make or check-out times to beat, itineraries are much more pliable and relaxation mode can remain engaged.

For a true Staycation, consider these at-home ideas:

  • Spa Day!
    • Splurge on fluffy robes for the whole family
    • Set up stations for manicures, pedicures, and facials
    • Buy bubble baths and lotions in various scents
    • Give your hair a formal blowout
    • Take turns with shoulder massages
    • Serve tea or mimosas with a fruit tray and cookies
  • Head (in) to the Movies!
    • Select a favorite movie and create a menu based on meals or restaurants highlighted in the movies
    • Spend an entire day checking a trilogy of your must-see list with all-you-can-eat popcorn
    • Set up a backyard theatre and watch a favorite flick under the stars while enjoying smores over a campfire
  • Head (out) Back to Nature!
    • Leave the electronics inside and set up a campground in your backyard
    • Set up a tent (or two) with sleeping bags and pillows
    • Lay out a game area with cornhole, lawn darts, or a table for board games
    • Plan on bike rides or hikes (don’t forget your bug spray!)

No matter how you choose to spend your At-Home Staycation, make sure to do the prep work to alleviate the temptation to gravitate to daily drudgery. Stock your fridge, vacuum the floors, put away the laundry, and give the beds a fresh set of sheets. This day is about relaxing, not catching up!

If a full day indoors causes cabin fever, step just outside of Chatham Park and into Pittsboro proper. Learn the history of the area beyond the amazing restaurants and shops. Create a visual scavenger hunt using the Courthouse Clock as Homebase and end the contest with ice cream to celebrate.

Ready to hit the road for a day trip? Max out your mileage by first selecting what time you’d like to depart and what time you’d like to be back home. This day doesn’t have to be about pre-dawn departures as there are several “getaways” quite close to Pittsboro.

For a road Holi-Stay within an hour of Chatham Park:

  • Head North
    • Spend the day in Durham and catch a ballgame at the historic Durham Bulls Athletic Park
  • Head South/Southwest
    • Tour the quaint train town of Southern Pines
    • Visit the famed Village of Pinehurst
  • Head Northwest
    • Take the plunge at Wet ‘N Emerald Pointe Water Park
    • Stroll through the Greensboro Science Center
  • Head East
    • Explore the nonprofit wildlife sanctuary right here in Pittsboro at the Carolina Tiger Rescue
  • Head West
    • Make a day excursion to the world’s largest natural habitat zoo in Asheboro at the North Carolina Zoo

Or, if the road is calling your caravan further, two hours will open the car doors to:

  • US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, which has endless activities and events throughout the year
  • Bassett, Virginia: Bassett is the home of Bassett furniture, a hot spot for genealogical buffs, and sits right on Smith River and Philpott Lake.
  • Pageland, South Carolina: Known as the Watermelon Capital of the World

Keys to a great day trip? Create a great playlist with favorites from all participants and sing your way down the highway. Reach back in time for imagination-only games like “I Spy,” “Twenty-questions,” or “Road Trip Bingo” and make a promise to dine only at local restaurants. And once you are home for the night, offer hotel-style turndown service while everyone recalls their favorite part of the day.

Pittsboro is a great place to live, with many unique destinations just a short drive away. This year, take a vacation to nowhere – try a Staycation right here at home.


Activities Abound in Chatham Park

It’s hard to believe that summer is arriving in Chatham Park again! With so many outdoor activities available, this Pittsboro community beckons residents to get out, get adventurous, and explore the area they call home. From hiking to biking, from picnics to paddles, from splashing to soaring, there is truly something for everyone and for all comfort levels. The hardest part about summer in Pittsboro may be deciding which option to try first!

Paddles Swim & Pickleball is scheduled to open soon for the 2022 Summer season. Located adjacent to Knight Farm Community Park, Paddles is a welcome addition to Chatham Park’s growing list of leisure living amenities. Enjoy a book on a courtesy lounge chair or inside several spacious cabanas, take a trip down the swimming pool’s slide, or grab a snack from the concession stand. Once rested, why not try out pickleball? As pickleball continues to explode as the fastest growing recreational sport in the country, Paddles is thrilled to have included eight pickleball courts in its design plans. Not sure how to play? Check out the format at What is Pickleball?

Knight Farm Community Park, our first community park that was dedicated to the town of Pittsboro, celebrated its anniversary in May and what an inaugural year it was! Residents and visitors alike enjoyed the playground and splash pad while getting to know their neighbors. If you haven’t been to Knight Farm Community Park yet, now is the perfect time to take a walk to Vineyards at Chatham Park and visit the dragon shaped climbing gym or live edge tree trunk balance beams. There is also a dog park, covered pavilion, public restroom, and picnic tables. Knight Farm Community Park is the perfect place to get out and enjoy the fresh summer air during a picnic or game of frisbee.

While the daytime hours in MOSAIC at Chatham Park highlight retail, office, and residential activities, the evening brings theatres, restaurants, and music to life. On Fridays nights, from June thru October, MOSAIC will offer the best of both theatre worlds! Beginning June 10th, with a concert from Liquid Pleasure, the MOSAIC lawn will host concerts and movies on alternating weeks. No need to worry about pre-show dinner since food and beverages will be available as well. The event lawn will open at 7pm, with the shows starting at sundown through October 21st (no shows scheduled for the month of July). For a little self-care, there will be Sunset Yoga hosted by Yoga Garden on select Wednesdays in June, August, September, and October. Make sure you check the full MOSAIC calendar so you don’t miss out on these fun events!

Chatham County Parks and Recreation offers approximately 300 acres of outdoor space, including five district parks and three Haw River access sites. In addition, the Parks and Recreation program ramps up its sports programs during the summer months for both youth and adults, including several league play options, such as basketball and softball. There are also six weeks of summer camps available for children during which participants will enjoy swimming, boating, crafts, archery and more. The Chatham County Parks Summer 2022 Program Guide is packed with activities, both physical and instructional – now is the time to sign up for something you have always wanted to explore.

Chatham Park is an amazing place to live because it is located right next door to two breathtaking outdoor recreational areas. With both Jordan Lake and the Lower Haw River at our residents’ doorsteps, there are nearly 46,000 acres of options for getting active, whether it is a nature walk, bird watching, swimming, biking, fishing, boating, or camping.

The Pittsboro community has several opportunities to give back to the Lower Haw River this summer. First, why not join the Lower Haw River State Natural Area – Whack Attack! Invasive Species Removal Workday. This event is hosted by State Park biologists to identify and remove non-native plants. In July and August, the Saturdays on the Haw group will lead hikes to two different wetland areas, offering a chance to check out separate areas of our watershed. The wetland hikes are pet friendly and will also involve cleaning up the park trails, but you will need to register.

Did you know that Jordan Lake was actually created by damming the Haw River? The dam, located off Pittsboro-Moncure Road, is a great place to spot Osprey and Herons. Or, for a bigger bird of prey, try a hike to the Bald Eagle Overlook to catch a glimpse of our country’s national emblem. You may even catch sight of an eagle or two! Jordan Lake is also home to a variety of fish which is why it is a great place to spend the day on a boat. With two ramps open 24 hours and five others open from dawn to dusk, it is always just the right time to catch dinner.

Jordan Lake is home to more than 1,000 campsites that range from primitive (no water or electric) to RV ready, making its campgrounds the perfect place for group gatherings. Each campground has its own beach and bathroom facilities – and the campgrounds intertwine via the many trails throughout the parks. Whether you are a seasoned camper or a first-timer, having access to such a stunning weekend (or longer!) retreat is such a gift!

You’ll also find a variety of outdoor clubs in full swing for the summer season. House of Hops, located in Penguin Place at Chatham Park, serves as the starting line for the PBO Run Club which meets every Tuesday starting at 5pm. They have 3-5 mile road/trail options and walkers are welcome. Triangle Off-Road Cyclists hit the trails surrounding our area regularly and encourage riders of all levels to give off-roading a try. The group offer helps with bike maintenance at no charge and uses membership fees to fund trail repairs.

As summer quickly rounds the corner, make sure to include plenty of outdoor activities on the calendar. Getting outside is a perfect way to feel refreshed and create lasting memories. Adventures don’t always require big ticket experiences, especially when you are fortunate enough to live in a community with so many opportunities right outside your front door.

From hiking to biking, from picnics to paddles, from splashing to soaring, there is truly something for everyone at Chatham Park. Which adventure will you choose first?


In-home Innovation Ideas for Pet Lovers

Pets are important family members who bring loads of joy, laughter, and fluffy cuddles. Our Pittsboro neighborhood, Chatham Park, is full of pet-friendly areas in the form of endless walking trails, nearly 2,000 acres of dedicated parks and open space, easy access to water, and several restaurants which are happy to offer your canine companions a refreshment as they join you at an outdoor table.

In addition to the outdoor spaces we provide at Chatham Park, in-home innovation ideas range from simple to amazing for animal lovers. Here are some examples that can be added to any home.

  • Pet Door– One of the most traditional methods of giving independence to cats and dogs is with a pet door leading directly to an enclosed backyard. Traditionally, pet doors were installed on exterior doors, but today’s access points are a bit more creative. Ask for a small entry to be built into a wall where it will be less noticeable from the inside and less obvious from the outside. There are also several higher-tech versions of the pet door that include anything from microchip control to application control via a smartphone, ensuring that only those animals with the proper credentials can gain entry (or be permitted exit privileges) from your home. Here are a few to check out: Crutchfield, High Tech Pet, or Sureflap.
  • Pet Cleaning Stations- Pet cleaning stations is a great option for a convenient and dedicated space to clean muddy paw prints, on a regular day, or open your own mini-pet salon for bath day. By installing a low entry/exit shower, homeowners eliminate the struggle of lifting flailing pets into a standard tub or sink as they realize they are about to be groomed. These cleaning stations can be located close to outside doors, making them an easy stop on the way in from walks or an afternoon frolic in the rain. Look at these amazing options on Next Luxury. As an added bonus, if your family also enjoys exploring nature, a cleaning station can also serve as the perfect spot to rinse mother nature off boots or sneakers after a long hike on our greenways.
  • Pet First Aid Kit– In today’s homes, nearly every family member has their own space to drop shoes, backpacks, keys, or purses. Pets can benefit by having their own space as well and by consolidating it into one area, you will never lose track of their food, leashes, first aid, or treats. Did you know that your pets have special needs when it comes to first aid? You should have a ready-made kit on hand for any minor accidents, which can be stored right in Fido’s dedicated space!
  • Flooring- Flooring is a huge decision in the initial building of a home.  There are many options for pet-friendly flooring, which do tend to cost a little more upfront but will last much longer as they are scratch and stain-resistant. Look for flooring that will not easily “catch” your pets’ toenails (stay away from Berber carpet or wood flooring with deep grooves) and go the distance on water-repelling options. If you are undecided on heated floors, think of your pets! Senior pets can benefit greatly from heated floors. As they age and spend more time lying down, the warmth of heated floors will help keep their joints and muscles from getting stiff or sore.
  • In-Home Aquariums– Do you dream of sitting beachside and listening to the calm flow of water? For those long days that don’t end waterside, create your own oasis by installing an in-home aquarium. Save floor space by having a tank built into an existing cabinet structure, by repurposing an existing television niche, or even creating a faux wall. Built-In aquariums create a Zen-like atmosphere as the soft sound of moving water combines with the colors of the moving fish yet fit seamlessly into your home. They are also enjoyable distractions for your feline friends!

Perhaps starting small is a better option for pampering your pet. There are plenty of options to make day-to-day pet care easier, more entertaining, and safer.

  • Smart Leash– Have you heard the old saying, “If your dog is overweight, you’re not walking enough?” A smart leash is a great way to track both your and your pup’s steps each time you stroll through your neighborhood. Smart leashes come in so many forms from the most basic (with a carry case for waste bags or a guiding light) to those with Bluetooth to alert you to a pre-determined distance goal. If you’re a dog owner, you are likely using your leash multiple times each day. This is a great item to splurge on and Petkit has some terrific choices.
  • Treat Dispensing Dog Cameras– As much of the population heads back to its offices, pets and people alike are missing each other’s company. Remote Treat Dispensers allow regular visits with those furry faces, virtually. What a fun way to break up the workday (and to check how often your pets are commandeering the couch).
  • Smart Ball Camera– Playdate’s Smart Ball Camera allows virtual interaction with your pet while you are not at home, alleviating anxiety and increasing activity. The ball sits in a docking station until activated via an app, signaling to your pet that something great is about to happen. From wherever you are, the path of the ball is in your hands – literally! Using the app, the ball can be rolled remotely for a fun play session while your phone offers a close-up view of a happy face.
  • Airtags– We often think of Airtags as a way to keep track of phones or purses but did you know that many pet owners use them to eliminate the worry of a lost family member? A lost pet is unable to communicate its proper station or, in some cases, becomes so enthralled with exploration that they simply lose track of its surroundings. By attaching an Airtag to your pet’s collar, you will have the ability to locate them with the click of an app. GPS Collars by Findster are another option though it is recommended to check its battery regularly.

Chatham Park is a wonderful place for our furry friends with so much open space for them to enjoy. Why not add some upgrades to your home, as a thank-you for the unconditional love and joy they bring, as well?


Chatham Park’s Commitment to Maintaining a Thriving Environment

Sustainable living is defined as an attempt to reduce our use of the Earth’s natural resources.
As the vision of Chatham Park began to come into focus, the opportunity to create a community in which the primary amenities were drawn from natural resources arrived with it. By earmarking a significant percentage of its design to permanently remain in the forms of parks, lakes, and open spaces, Chatham Park has been able to conserve existing ecosystems while enabling enhancements where necessary.

Chatham Park’s ability to offer retail, medical facilities, and restaurants is not only a great bonus, but also a key piece in the planning of a greener neighborhood. Providing the ability to access the most common stops on a typical weekend to-do list by foot or bike, or electric vehicle is a great way for our residents to play a role in reducing pollution.

From the moment Chatham Park was planned, sustainable living and being a great steward to our environment was a top priority. How can we help, you ask? Here are a few ideas:

Conserve Water

Chatham Park is home to its own onsite Water Recovery Center, one of only two in the entire country. This system revolutionizes the way the community handles both wastewater and stormwater by turning them into a renewable resource. They employ leading edge technology to treat the wastewater that enters the plant and clean it so it can be used for other purposes, like flushing toilets, watering lawns or a host of other things. Using microorganisms to consume the nutrients found in wastewater, and hydronic plants in the greenhouse, whose roots hang down into the stream, any odor can be eliminated. The green pipes that traverse the site also help with odor reduction. By reducing the community’s strain on local water supplies, Chatham Park is investing in the future of Pittsboro’s efforts in water conservation. The neighborhood guidelines require every home to have at least one source of filtered drinking water for your health benefit. WaterSense® bathroom faucets and toilets utilized in the homes can save the average family 700 gallons of water per year while still washing away the dirt. Water is life!

How you can conserve water:

  • Turn off faucets while brushing your teeth and washing your hands.
  • Water lawns during the coolest parts of the day and, if you use them, turn off your sprinkler timers when rain is anticipated.
  • Install rain barrels to capture water for irrigation.
  • Only run the washing machine or dishwasher with full loads.
  • Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators.
  • Time your showers or invest in a shower timer.

Protect our Pollinators

As the warm weather returns to Chatham Park, the honeybees that were moved here in the fall will become much more active after having enjoyed a few months’ rest in their new Pollinator Garden. This garden is host to over 200,000 honeybees whose fertilizing forte will help enhance the growth of local nuts, fruit, flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetables, and more. Honeybees are the friendliest of the bee family and will travel several miles each day to pollinate plants in our community. We are excited to announce the first pollinator garden was so successful, a second pollinator garden location will be added in 2022. Stay tuned for more details!

How you can protect our pollinators:

  • Choose all-natural options for treating or feeding outdoor plants.
  • Treat or feed outdoor plants in the late afternoon or evening after the honeybees have buzzed back home.
  • Skip the swat! If you encounter a curious visitor, stay calm and it will likely fly away after it has finished exploring.
  • Don’t forget the butterflies. Add some milkweed to your garden and you will likely spot some Monarchs as they migrate through North Carolina.

Conserve Energy

Chatham Park partnered with Strata Clean Energy five years ago to develop a 45-acre solar farm off Moncure-Pittsboro Road. Strata Clean Energy has a longstanding commitment towards a solar supplemented future and Tinker Farm has created the ability to supply sustainable energy to nearly 750 homes in the Pittsboro area. Tinker Farm was also built with its furry and feathered inhabitants in mind, ensuring that existing wildlife terrains were left untouched, erosion was unmitigated, and waste was minimized. While Chatham Park continues to focus on the health of our ecosystem, it is also important that the individual homes in our residential areas maintain a clean, green focus. In implementing an ecoSelect® Plus certification process, new homes are tested in several categories for energy efficiency:

  • Our homes are designed and built to be healthy, comfortable, and efficient through a combination of green building strategies, water conservation features, and performance testing. All homes are inspected and tested by Southern Energy Management, an independent third-party building science and solar energy firm. The Chatham Park program includes extra requirements to meet higher and more rigorous standards than is typically required in new home construction.
  • Programmable thermostats allow residents to set climate schedules and control home temperatures while they are away for extended periods.
  • Installation of energy efficient lighting can last up to 25 times longer and uses just 1/4 the energy of incandescent bulbs. They produce less heat, resulting in lower cooling needs, and require replacement far less often.
  • Chatham Park homes come EV-ready with a dedicated power supply to allow you to easily add a charger for an electric vehicle.

With these and several additional tests, approved homes are given a Home Energy Rating based on their energy efficiency, an index that is recognized nationally in calculating energy performance. The lower the HERS index, the less energy used and the more affordable the home is to maintain. To date, Chatham Park’s homes have achieved an impressive rating as 34% more energy efficient than standard code homes because of the ecoSelect® Plus program. Did you know that each home is pre-wired to be EV charger ready? That makes it easy to install chargers if you choose to go with an electric vehicle. Also, the Cottages in Vineyards currently provide charging stations in their assigned parking area, and all of the commercial buildings and amenities are required to install at least two charging stations per building. Chatham Park promotes energy conservation. Here’s what you can do to help:

How you can conserve energy:

  • Zero energy may be a reality for you if you add solar to your home.
  • Turn off lights in unused rooms.
  • Install optical sensor outlets on outdoor lights so that they turn on automatically at dusk and turn off automatically after a predetermined time.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with long-lasting LED bulbs.
  • Utilize programmable thermostats to set climate schedules or control home temperatures while away.
  • Make sure to keep air filters clean and your furnace is optimized.
  • Consider an electric vehicle. Car chargers are available at the Cottages in Chatham Park, at Paddles, and at MOSAIC!
  • Add locally grown food to your dinner table or eat at local restaurants.
  • Walk to Knight Farm Community Park instead of driving.

Plan your landscaping thoughtfully

In considering the plant material and grasses that embellish Chatham Park, the developer ensured that native and regionally appropriate plants were not only used in the common areas but also requires them in the architectural guidelines for residential landscape plans, including pollinator plants – an important resource to help repopulate some of our struggling species. The benefit of native plants is that they require less maintenance and water, and they support pollinators and help control ticks and mosquitos. Also, they do not require fertilizers and require fewer pesticides than non-native species. They also help reduce air pollution.

How you can participate:

  • Become educated on native plant species and how to implement them into your landscape.
  • Use pollinator-friendly plantings whenever possible.
  • Avoid the use of pesticides that can harm native insects, birds, and pollinators.
  • Grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables, even if it’s just a few pots around the house, it all helps!

Chatham Park was intentionally designed to encourage healthy choices for our planet. From the solar farm to the pollinator gardens to the Water Recovery Center, it is one of the most forward-thinking communities in America. The environment that surrounds Chatham Park has been top of mind since the initial design plans of the Pittsboro community landed on the drawing board. Chatham Park’s impact on the area has been positively managed through the creative installation of systems designed to encourage its residents to do their part to create and maintain a healthier planet. The goal of sustainable living is one that Chatham Park strives to take to the next level, and with the help of our community, success is all but guaranteed.


Paddles Coming Summer 2022!

Amenities are at the heart of the Chatham Park master-planned community. We are committed to offering residents and guests a community which encourages a well-rounded life. To achieve that goal, we continue to develop resources and facilities that will enhance the Chatham Park lifestyle and build on our five pillars of Innovation, Connectivity, Quality Design, Healthy Balance, and Stewardship. 

Our next recreational venture, Paddles – a swim and pickleball amenity – will be the perfect complement to our community vision and provide area residents with even more leisure options. Scheduled to open summer 2022, Paddles will be located in the Vineyards next to Knight Farm Community Park and will feature a six-lane competition-style pool with a slide, a kiddie pool, and a concession stand for future swim meets. Members will benefit from the cabanas, individual loungers, and outdoor showers. Outside of the swim area, plans are underway for eight pickleball courts, a nod to the growing popularity of this niche sport. Not familiar with pickleball? Easier to learn than tennis with less stress on the joints than aerobics, pickleball is a great way to stay healthy and meet your neighbors!

We are also excited to utilize Paddles as our new Information Center for the Vineyards. The club building will boast a sales center, offices and a kitchen area for sales center employees, a pool equipment room, restrooms, and a concession stand. Stay tuned as we will continue to introduce even more amenities to be delivered!

Membership at Paddles will be available to Chatham Park residents and non-residents alike. Fees and membership structure are still in development.

We look forward to sharing more details about this exciting addition to Chatham Park as they become available. Paddles is just one more example of the incredible growth happening in our technology centric 7,068-acre live, work, play, learn master-planned community located just outside of Raleigh in Pittsboro, North Carolina. For more information on our current amenities, our homes, or how we are fulfilling our promises for more balanced lifestyle opportunities, visit us at


Spring into the Town of Pittsboro, Chatham Park’s own Backyard

One of the best times of the year, in Chatham Park, comes with the return of warmer temperatures and its famous Carolina blue spring skies. As soon as the first flowers peek their heads from the ground, residents emerge from the nests of their homes to enjoy all the balmy day offerings that the quaint Town of Pittsboro, NC presents. Here are a list of some of our favorite springtime activities around Chatham Park.

Pittsboro First Sunday

Pittsboro leaps into action at the start of the spring season with the return of First Sundays, hosted by the Pittsboro Business Association. This Artisan Fair and Market is a family-friendly event that should become a regular addition to everyone’s calendar. Local vendors fill their booths with art, jewelry, soaps, pottery, and more. There are also a variety of food trucks to choose from, when the shopping bags are full, to wrap up the afternoon with a delicious regional treat. The Artisan Fair and Market will be open the first Sunday of each month in downtown Pittsboro from noon to 4pm, March to December. 

Local Farmers Markets

Shopping local is so simple in Pittsboro as there are farmers’ markets available several days per week. There are endless opportunities to grab some baked goods, jams, jellies, fresh fruits, vegetables, plants, and more.  

  • The Fearrington Farmers Market is open on Tuesdays, in Fearrington Village, from 3:00-5:00pm.  
  • The Pittsboro Farmers Market is open on Thursdays, from 3:00-6:00pm at Main Street Station. 
  • The Chatham Mills Farmers Market returns to Hillsboro Street on April 2nd, open Saturday afternoons beginning at 12:00pm.

YMCA Leprechaun Dash

As old man winter takes his leave, Chatham County welcomes a very special Leprechaun! The inaugural Chatham County YMCA Leprechaun Dash will take place on the morning of March 12th. The paved course, with a downhill finish, will have options for all levels of participants, with both 5k and 10k distances. Walkers, runners, and baby strollers/joggers are all welcome. Prizes will be awarded to those with the most Leprechaun spirit, but the real winners will be the children of Chatham County who will be the beneficiaries of this fun for the whole family fundraiser. The course will start at the YMCA and traverse right through Chatham Park, the proud signature sponsor. After logging your distance for the day, take a quick cooldown walk to any of Pittsboro’s nearby restaurants or breweries. 

Found It! Chatham Rabbit Hunt

Found It! is back for its second year, on April 9th, in downtown Pittsboro. Hillsboro Street will hide six newly embellished rabbit sculptures for participants to track down in a selfie scavenger hunt. The first 25 people to return to Pittsboro’s Welcome Center, with their mission and photos complete, will win a voucher to participating downtown businesses. Have your cameras ready at 10:30am! 


Hosted by the Chatham Arts Council, ClydeFEST is an annual kids event that celebrates local folk artist, Clyde Jones. This old-school carnival includes arts and crafts activities for all ages, food trucks, information booths, and live performances. For the first time in two years, ClydeFEST will be returning to Bynum Ball Park to celebrate its 20th anniversary on April 30th from 11am to 4pm. Admission is free. 

PBO Farm & Art Dinner

Main Street Pittsboro will roll out the tables and chairs to create one giant farm table on May 1st as the annual PBO Farm & Art Dinner returns to Hillsboro Street. Guests will enjoy farm to fork dishes while listening to local music – a true celebration of the local agriculture and artistry that makes Pittsboro so unique. 

Maple View Ice Cream Truck

Are you a lover of ice cream? The Maple View Mobile Ice Cream Truck will tap into the local fruit harvest of blueberries, blackberries, and more to add to its traditional menu which features over twenty different flavors. Maple View Mobile is locally owned, distributing ice cream and yogurts from Pittsboro’s Simply Natural Creamery right to your Chatham Park doorstep. 

Carolina Tiger Rescue

What better way to celebrate the Year of the Tiger than a visit to the Carolina Tiger Rescue? The tiger population is the focus of conservationists worldwide this year as 2022 marks the completion of a twelve-year initiative to double wild tiger populations. This initiative was kicked off with the last Year of the Tiger in 2010 and, while populations are on the rise, there is still much more work ahead. The Pittsboro- based tiger rescue has many ways for its neighbors to join the effort. 

Bynum Music Series

Bynum’s General Store, on Bynum Road in Pittsboro, has brought back its Bynum Music Series, started in 2001 to help sustain the history of this retired cotton mill.  Upcoming shows are on the books for March 19th (Tim Smith, William Nesmith, Junkman Jack Gorham), April 2nd (Abigail Dowd, Lyn Koonce, Eric Bannan), and April 16th (Joe Newberry, April Verch). Check out Bynum Front Porch for the latest updates.

Spring is alive and well in the Town of Pittsboro and the residents of Chatham Park are fortunate to have endless options to enjoy this amazing time of year right in their own backyard. Come visit both today and find the perfect place to put down your roots!


Wagoner Homes, a Generational Building Company, added to Custom Builder Team

Chatham Park continues to provide a variety of housing options for various lifestyles in preparation of an influx of people searching for jobs as the Triangle and Triad continue to attract major employers and gain lucrative additions to their megasites. 

“Chatham Park is pleased to welcome Wagoner Homes to our builder team, said Vanessa Jenkins, Executive Vice President of Preston Development. “With a father-son team boasting over 4 decades of building custom homes in the Triangle, the Wagoners have established a reputation of excellence that is critical to our ongoing strategy at Chatham Park of offering floor plans that will accommodate every stage of life.”  

Wagoner Homes is joining the custom builder team in the second custom home section to be offered within Vineyards at Chatham Park. This new section, located near the intersection of Vine Parkway and Wendover Parkway will offer 18 additional custom home opportunities in Chatham Park. 

The Vineyards at Chatham Park custom builder team is comprised of four luxury builders featuring plans that integrate seamlessly into the topography. Many plans offered by this team are inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and include a modern prairie architecture which includes functional and flowing spaces. These homes are defined by an open first floor concept which combines the living and dining room spaces, and allows for customized niches depending on the needs of the homeowner. A minimalist approach to the finishes is typical in this style, as is entire walls of windows, allowing natural light to envelope the home.

“We are excited to join the Chatham Park builder team”, said Jerry Wagoner, President of Wagoner Homes. “With the stellar reputation of the developer, and their foresight in creating a community that has the vision necessary to create a lasting, sustainable community, what better place to continue to build our future?”

Those who choose to purchase a home in Chatham Park will benefit from an array of amenities within the community including 30 miles of scenic walking, biking and multimodal trails; playgrounds and a splash pad; picnic facilities; access to Haw River and Jordan Lake, and much more. Penguin Place, located in Chatham Park, offers a craft brewery, several dining options including Café Root Cellar, Mi Cancun, and Marco’s Pizza, as well as other needed services such as eye care, real estate, and financial planning. Residents of Chatham Park will also enjoy close proximity to MOSAIC, a 44-acre live-work-play-learn mixed-use development located within Chatham Park along Highway 15-501. MOSAIC provides upscale opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment, as well as spaces for businesses and health care facilities.


Live Large! The Benefits of a Master-Planned Community

Why consider a move to a master-planned community? They’re not the stale collection of cookie- cutter houses that you may associate with developments from decades ago. Those older communities typically included only a neighborhood pool or lots adjacent to the golf course in a quest to add the title of “planned” to their names. A true master-planned community is built with a long-term vision that includes upgrades and additions to inspire its residents far into the future. When Chatham Park broke ground in 2014, it was with the goal of creating a self-sustaining community that would provide easy access to a variety of eateries, unique boutiques, healthcare, recreation, schools, and work. 

In this modern approach to master-planned communities, the residential spaces are representative of only a small piece of the exciting puzzle of a fully immersive neighborhood. Perhaps the biggest selling point of a modern master-planned community is convenience. In Chatham Park, for example, every new home, every storefront, every office, and every road connecting them has been designed to please both the eye and the mind. Master-planned communities take away the necessity to spend time away from your home base as you traverse from store to store over long distances. Errands and appointments are no longer ad hoc. Instead, your to-do list can be completed within your own community, close to home, allowing you to save time while mingling with your friends and neighbors.

Penguin Place, Chatham Park’s inaugural retail enclave, includes essential services such as eye care, financial planning, and real estate advisors. It also offers delicious dining options with four friendly restaurants: Café Root Cellar, House of Hops, Marco’s Pizza, and Mi Cancun. Whether opting for a night out, eating outside under the Carolina blue sky, or grabbing take-out to serve at home, there is truly something for everyone within the community. Moreover, all of these amenities are accessible via walking or biking paths if you don’t want to drive. At completion, there will be over thirty miles of greenways and trails, connecting you to your neighbors and shops without ever having to start your car. 

Chatham Park’s residents have been enjoying the amenities for several years now, and they can look forward to additional resources in the years to come. Just last year, MOSAIC debuted as the gateway to the community with 44 mixed used acres that include retail, restaurants, office space, healthcare, residential offerings, and entertainment venues. It is an entertainment and lifestyle destination alive with experience and stocked with interaction. On the quest for a self-sustaining community, the residents’ needs will continue to be filled in this lifestyle destination over the course of the next twelve months. 

It is sometimes difficult, when putting down new roots, to predict the future of a neighborhood. Will it flourish? Will it maintain its beauty? What types of businesses will be drawn to it? A master-planned community comes with all those answers, giving its buyers the peace of mind of knowing that their purchase will serve them well for generations to come. These communities offer the opportunity to lock into an investment with a long list of guaranteed and well-thought-out areas of growth. These are neighborhoods that navigate their own future both in the initial planning phases and in constantly tapping into what will be most relevant to those who live within its footprint.

Chatham Park’s vision of the future includes protecting the environment that encompasses it. The location for this community was selected more than a decade ago because of the gorgeous terrain that the over 7,000 acres offered, and the goal is to preserve that beauty for generations to come. To do so, this master-planned community uses clean technologies such as reclaimed water, part of a system that distributes recycled water for irrigation or other industrial uses. The community is also proud to provide electricity to power nearly 750 homes through a forty-six-acre solar farm. Homes within a master-planned community can lead to more stability in resale as the amenities that surround them help them maintain their positive value even as the market ebbs and flows.  

Another benefit of a master-planned community is nearly instant access to clubs and social groups. Those “new to the neighborhood” will not feel left out for long once they tap into the available extracurricular activities in and around their community. Situated with access to both the Haw River and Jordan Lake, North Carolina gems for water sports and hiking, makes living here a dream. The villages will host concerts, farmers’ markets, and art shows, offering many unique opportunities to meet your neighbors. And, in the Spring of 2022, Paddles, a swim and pickleball membership amenity located in Vineyards, right next to Knight Farm Community Park, will open. 

While the idea of moving into a planned development can sound very cookie-cutter, a modern master-planned community is anything but. The thousands of acres that make up Chatham Park create a feeling of spacious living while still placing all imaginable conveniences just steps outside your door. Such master-planned communities are not big box builds in which, once the last mailbox is planted, the neighborhood remains frozen in time. Instead, master-planned communities are ever- evolving to meet the needs and desires of its residents for generations to come. 

Chatham Park, in Pittsboro, NC, is more than just a place to call home; it is a place to thrive. The vision is to create a community that is fully self-sustaining while offering a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

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