February 14, 2024

This February, we’re taking a moment to reflect on everything we love about Chatham Park, its beautiful design, and our incredible community! There is so much that’s special about life here, so we spoke with two Chatham Park residents to hear about their experience. From their family’s favorite amenities, to why they chose Chatham Park, check out the Q&A below for Jeff and Aubree Whitford’s perspective on life and raising a family in Chatham Park.

Q: In a few words, how would you describe the overall atmosphere and environment in Chatham Park?
A: Because residents are new to the neighborhood, and many new to the area, people are looking to make new connections and friendships. This is what we were looking for in a new community!

Q: Why did you move to Chatham Park and why do you love living here?
A: We moved to the area so that I could be closer to my (Jeff’s) work in the Research Triangle Park. We chose Chatham Park because we wanted to live in a community that had a lot of neighbors close by so that we and our kids could quickly make new connections after our move. Chatham Park is a very kid and dog-friendly community with a lot of greenways to exercise both! We also enjoy being close to downtown Pittsboro and Jordan Lake.

Q: What are your favorite amenities in Chatham Park and why?
A: The kids love going to the pool during the summer and the parents enjoy the local food, beverage, and music scene.

Q: What are your favorite weekend activities in Chatham Park, MOSAIC, or other?
A: We enjoy kayaking on Jordan Lake, going to local events, hiking with our dog, and trying out new restaurants.

Q: Can you share any memorable experiences or events that have happened in Chatham Park since you became a resident?
A: Halloween was great this year with a majority of the neighborhood participating, either by trick or treating with their kids, and/or warmly inviting them to their well-decorated haunted homes.