May 18, 2023

This month at Chatham Park, we wanted to bring you all a resident’s perspective on life in our community. We value our residents’ first-hand experience on choosing Chatham Park and what they enjoy most about the community! From their favorite amenities, to why they chose Chatham Park, check out the Q&A below for resident Debra Virtanen’s perspective on life at Chatham Park.

Q: How long have you lived in Chatham Park?

A: I moved into my new Chatham Park home in late December 2022 – so just shy of 6-months! 

Q: What drove your initial decision to live in Chatham Park?

A: I’ve always loved the region and have close Friends in Durham. When my daughter and her family decided to build their home in Chatham Park, I was excited to investigate and see what the community had to offer! 

Q: What builder built your home in Chatham Park? Why did you choose that builder/floor plan?

A: The builder of my home was Homes By Dickerson. They were awesome! When I was deciding which builder I wanted to go with, my priorities were to surround myself with as much green space as possible and have a first-floor master and powder room. Homes By Dickerson was a natural pick!

Q: What are your favorite amenities in Chatham Park?

A: I love the foliage and Chatham Park’s efforts to maintain a more natural community. One of the deciding factors for me when choosing Chatham Park was the proximity and access to Haw River and Jordan Lake! This sealed my decision. The green space integrated throughout community is a bonus. As the area develops, I look forward to more opportunities to get outside.

Q: What is the biggest perk to living in a master-planned community for yourself/ your family?

A: I’m not sure it’s the biggest perk, but something I value in Chatham Park is the efforts to reduce drain on natural resources. I feel like I’m helping the environment daily through the community’s focus on sustainability through its ecoSelect® Plus homes, Solar Farm, Water Recovery Center, and more. 

Q: How is the experience raising a family in Chatham Park?

A: While I don’t have young children to “raise” in Chatham Park, I spend a great deal of time with my grandchildren! The playground is well designed, and I’m looking forward to visiting Paddles for the pool and pickleball courts. The community is perfect for grandparents like me, who value being close to family and also living in close proximity to amenities and attractions. The mix of younger families and seniors is extremely welcoming and fosters a natural-community environment!

Q: What does your family like to do on the weekends in Chatham Park or the surrounding towns/area? 

A: On the weekends, there are plenty of kid-friendly amenities nearby to take advantage of! Some of our favorites include the Alpaca Farm, indoor play areas, and with Spring coming, the outdoor parks and sports. Knight Farm Community Park will be a must-visit this summer with my grandchildren!

While I haven’t lived in the community long enough to meet many people – everyone I have spoken to has been very welcoming and friendly! I am looking forward to this next chapter and spending many years to come at Chatham Park.