Chatham Park Implements ecoSelect® Plus into Its New Community of Homes

As Chatham Park furthers its plans for expansion in Pittsboro, North Carolina, the quality standards remain a high priority for the development team. One area of focus is clean technology. Chatham Park seeks to attract people and businesses who are committed to conserving resources and gaining a cleaner, greener lifestyle.  To help accomplish this, Chatham Park has partnered with Southern Energy Management to ensure the best quality of its homes by implementing ecoSelect® Plus, a program that focuses on increasing energy efficiency, provides support, and assures quality control and consumer confidence.

Southern Energy Management, a six-time Energy Star Partner of the Year, is on a mission to improve the way people make and use energy. The company is committed to high-performance utilities and building methods through the ecoSelect® program.

What makes ecoSelect® Plus stand apart from ecoSelect®? Chatham Park’s ecoSelect® Plus, developed by Southern Energy Management, is a customized version of the ecoSelect® program that has extra requirements specific to Chatham Park. 

Southern Energy Management explained several components of the ecoSelect® certification process: 

  • Quality assurance from third party inspections
  • High-performance building envelope that allows the insulation to better keep in heat during the winter and out during the warmer months
  • Programmable thermostats to keep buyers comfortable remotely
  • Energy-efficient lighting that provides 75%-80% energy saving and longer life than traditional lightbulbs
  • High-efficiency HVAC units that are tested after installation to ensure quiet and efficient operation
  • Reduced water usage from ecoSelect® fixtures that save water without sacrificing performance
  • Solar evaluation that helps the buyer take his or her next steps toward energy independence
  • Fresh air ventilation that removes stale air and introduces new air through a controlled system

Once a home has been tested by a Southern Energy Management energy rater and has completed the certification process, the home will receive a performance label including the energy efficiency features, the average estimated monthly energy cost, and The HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index.  

“The HERS index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. It’s also the nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home’s energy performance,” according to RESNET. 

A low HERS Index score assures your home is using less energy and is more affordable.   To date, the homes constructed at Chatham Park are 34% more energy efficient than code homes because of the ecoSelectÆ Plus program implemented.

Another benefit to the ecoSelectÆ program is that it helps ensure the builders can participate in local initiatives with Duke Energy Progress such as DEP HERO.  These efforts raise the standards even more with regards to addressing water efficiency and indoor air quality of the home. 

As Southern Energy Management seeks to improve its customer satisfaction, changes are regularly made to the ecoSelect® program. Changes to the ecoSelect® program within the last year include advanced framing and insulated corners, lowered duct leakage maximum, simplified Energy Star appliance requirement, and efficient lighting requirement increase.

The many elements of the ecoSelect® Plus program are significant draws to Chatham Park homes. A one-page qualification checklist and minimum administrative work required by homebuilders give buyers peace of mind, as well as confidence in the high-quality safety standards of their Chatham Park home.  To show the overall impact of this program at Chatham Park, neighborhood results including the average community HERS index score and the average household savings, will be measured and shared on a regular basis.  

While Chatham Park advances in its plans for home development, Southern Energy Management is giving the homes of Chatham Park a refined quality standard that will leave buyers craving an ecoSelect® Plus certified home.


Garman Homes Breaks Ground on America At Home Study Concept Home

After months of planning and research, Garman Homes – a member of the builder team in Chatham Park, Pittsboro, NC – is breaking ground on a new concept home created as a result of the America At Home Study. This national survey of adults ages 25-74 with annual household incomes of $50,000 or more, was conducted in two waves during the pandemic to gain a better understanding of all that new home and community design requires in a post-pandemic world. Insights from 7,000 participating consumers culminated in this original floor plan, named “No Little Plans –Barnaby,” that will debut in Chatham Park later this year.

When the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down in 2020, economists began introducing theories and projections about the pandemic’s economic effects on society. The medical field researched the toll these changes would take on mental health including suicide and depression rates. However, the way Americans feel about their homes and community in this “new normal” and how it would change the way Americans view and feel about their home received little attention. Lifestyles had changed overnight as jobs and educational efforts went virtual, converting spaces in the home into offices and classrooms. Entertaining areas were transformed into meccas for board games, craft projects, and newly discovered hobbies. And outdoor living became safe havens to enjoy some fresh air and a little nature. Three women leaders in the home building industry Belinda Sward, Nancy Keenan, and Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki took the initiative to explore these changes through the America At Home Survey. They then invited Alaina Money-Garman, founder and CEO of Garman Homes, and set out to design and now build a concept home in Chatham Park. 

“Inspired by consumer insights from the America At Home Study, the concept home is believed to be the first home intentionally designed in response to the radical changes spurred by the pandemic. Special attention was paid to the entries of the home – both for owners and guests because they need to perform differently, and to the functionality and natural light in the kitchen. The home includes two separate office spaces, neither one simply a re-purposed bedroom. There is a guest suite and two covered outdoor spaces for safe social gathering. This home is the collective effort of the founders of the study and Dahlin Group Architecture Planning (architect), Garman Homes (builder), and Cecilian Partners (digital customer experience).” – 

The America At Home concept home, “No Little Plans – Barnaby” is part of Garman’s new NONFICTION brand that features the Quotables Collection. This collection includes four floor plans and can be expected for presentation this year in Vineyards at Chatham Park.

“Chatham Park is honored to feature the concept home for the America At Home Study,” said Executive Vice President of Preston Development Vanessa Jenkins. “Our community vision is to showcase homes that consider how we live now and, in the future, rather than what our standards have been in the past. We could not think of a better example than the Barnaby concept home from Garman homes.” 

Chatham Park’s dedication and commitment to research, technology, and well-rounded living – shown in their five pillars: Innovation, Connectivity, Quality Design, Wellness, and Stewardship – are exemplified by Garman’s involvement in the America At Home Study. As Chatham Park works with Garman Homes to develop America At Home-inspired houses, the community continues to aspire to create spaces where people look forward to live, work, play, shop and dine at home, or within minutes of home.


Chatham Park: Shaping the Community with the Help of Local Artists

In the heart of Pittsboro, North Carolina, Chatham Park is a developing community that gives everyone space for daily life, both work and play.  All 7,068 acres are providing new avenues for its residents to flourish including new businesses, new schools, new jobs, new homes, and a new spotlight on the local art scene.  As Chatham Park grows, local artists are given a larger opportunity to share their work with the surrounding region. 

Art is an integral part of the Chatham Park community. Most local parks and recreation areas install typical trashcans, water tanks, and benches, into their landscape, diminishing the natural beauty of the location. Chatham Park plans to transform elements of everyday life into art pieces in order to create aesthetically pleasing and useable spaces for its community. Distinctive installations of art will be used to define the boundaries and many entrances to Chatham Park and its neighborhoods. Other infrastructure elements such as roadways, bridges, stair towers, and community building entrances are designed to become iconic symbols within the Pittsboro art community.  Street furnishings like bike racks and signage will also be taken advantage of to give locals a taste of Pittsboro artists’ unique work.

The process of choosing whose art will be showcased in Chatham Park can be complex. Each site plan submitted for consideration to the developers of Chatham Park must include a “public art statement” that describes how the art will be used in the development of the site.  Art placement, architectural enhancements, and site design elements are three of the areas considered when looking at possible contenders. 

“It’s a matter of embracing the artisan community that’s already here and doing our best to give them another platform,” said Debbie Andelton of the Chatham Park team.

Chatham Park’s development is hinged on its five pillars: Innovation, Connectivity, Quality Design, Healthy Balance, and Stewardship. As Chatham Park continues to develop its community, Stewardship and Quality Design have become major driving forces in their display and support of local art.

“We balance the serene beauty of our natural landscape with open community spaces featuring inspiring manmade art and architecture,” said the Chatham Park design team with regards to the pillar of Stewardship.  

Chatham Park will showcase local Pittsboro artists’ pieces in galleries and featured displays such as sculptures, lobby presentations, and streetscapes.


Chatham Park Connectivity

We understand how important it is to stay connected in today’s virtual world as most of our lives have been relocated to our homes.  Back-to-back video calls now crowd our daily schedules with screen sharing fumbles livening up our digital presentations.  In the background, our children communicate with their teachers and classmates through a variety of inventive educational methods.  The doorbell sharply rings as your grocery order was delivered and you just received a text that your parents want to FaceTime…for the fourth time this week.  Life definitely has it challenges right now but when you choose to live in Chatham Park, the ability to connect and meet the demands of our current normal will not be one of them.  

As a part of our pursuit for Connectivity, Chatham Park offers 5G Fiber Internet from CenturyLink® (now Lumen Technologies) to each of its residents.  We make sure that each home is pre-wired with CenturyLink® “ON”, and WIFI is ready and waiting the first day you move in.  

“As seasoned developers, we always want to consider the needs of those who call our communities home,” says Executive Vice President Vanessa Jenkins of Preston Development Company.  “As our lives become more and more virtual, we knew that offering the ability to connect easily and efficiently was one of our top priorities for all of Chatham Park.”

Whether you are working from home, experiencing distance learning, or just staying in touch with family and friends, you need High Speed Internet that is fast and productive.  This development is just another part of our commitment to a new kind of community that we are building.  Discover a neighborhood where your challenges are met, your expectations are exceeded, and your life is fulfilled.  Discover Chatham Park.  


Cottages Earn Gold & Silver Awards at Parade of Homes

Two cottages in Chatham Park’s first residential neighborhood, Vineyards, were awarded by the Home Builders Association of Durham, Orange and Chatham Counties (HBADOC) on October 1. The Apple Pie and Chicken Noodle Soup models took home Gold and Silver honors, respectively, and they’re both part of the Cottages Collection from Fresh Paint by Garman Homes. Homes in this collection range from 828-1,397 sq. ft. and are priced from the low $200s.

“We could not be more excited about our first completed homes winning awards of excellence. The Parade of Homes is quite competitive, and awards are coveted. Fresh Paint by Garman Homes has been a great partner and we look forward to working with them more in the future,” says Vanessa Jenkins, Executive Vice President, Preston Development Company. 

Alaina Money Garman, Founder and CEO of Cary-based Garman Homes adds, “It is such an honor to have two of our newest floor plans in the 2020 Parade of Homes and an even greater honor to have them both win an award. Our team has worked hard to create something unique for the Triangle marketplace, it’s great to have that work recognized by the judges.”

In addition to being recognized by industry judges, these homes are clearly attractive to today’s consumers, too. Homes have been selling fast, with the majority of available homes already purchased. The size, style and location of the cottages capitalize on a larger consumer trend that shows people are favoring smaller homes in order to enjoy greater peripheral benefits like walkability and a greater sense of community. 

“More and more people are purging their clutter and desiring spaces that are artfully designed to the way they want to live. The Cottages celebrate this lifestyle choice,” says Rebecca McAdoo, Division President of Fresh Paint by Garman Homes.


Teaming Up for Cottage and Custom Home Sales

One of the Triangle’s most respected real estate marketing experts, Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston New Homes & Land, has joined Preston Development Company to handle onsite sales for the award-winning homes in Chatham Park.

Some of the first homes that Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston New Homes & Land will help sell are located in Vineyards, the first residential Chatham Park Community. This area will offer approximately 550 single-family detached homes and townhomes for sale. Among these first offerings will be 28 traditional, custom single-family home sites with prices starting in the mid $600s along with 30 cottages (850-1,250 square feet) starting from mid $200s. This enclave of homes comprises the heart of Chatham Park and was selected for its lifestyle assets and walkability to Downtown Pittsboro. 

“We have a 25 year working relationship with Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston New Homes & Land. They have successfully helped us sell residential real estate in many of our communities throughout the Triangle metro area,” says Bubba Rawl, Partner in Preston Development Company, the development company spearheading Chatham Park. “We are thrilled that they will be leading the sales effort for our first Chatham Park homes and look forward to continued growth and success.”

Preston Development Company is one of the premier property development teams in the nation, known for planning and executing projects of the utmost quality, especially with high-end residential communities. Combining their development expertise with the sales and marketing savvy of Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston New Homes & Land will generate excitement and strong sales around Chatham Park cottages, townhomes and custom homes. 


Chatham Park Donates 17 Acres to Thales Academy School

Chatham Park, a Live, Work, Play, Learn community in Pittsboro, N.C. has donated 17 acres of land to Raleigh-based Thales Academy, making it the first school in Chatham Park. Located in the Vineyards neighborhood of Chatham Park, Thales Academy, a private, non-profit school, plans to open in July 2021 – aligning with new home occupancy in the neighborhood. Being built to accommodate K-12th grades on a year-round curriculum, the school will offer K-3rd grades in its first year, adding subsequent grades in future years.

“Chatham Park will be an ideal live, work, play, learn community for Thales Academy families, which supports our commitment to educating the whole person,” says Bob Luddy, Founder and Chairman of Thales Academy. “Providing a particularly valuable opportunity for students to live in close proximity to their school community and learn where they live, Chatham Park’s well-rounded, long-term vision offers fertile ground for the future leaders we foster at Thales Academy.”

“When you look around the world today at what cities are growing, they are the knowledge cities,” says Bubba Rawl, Co-founder of Preston Development Company, the company developing Chatham Park. “The Research Triangle is already one of these cities and Chatham Park will be too. Our ultimate goal is to create the perfect community for our future residents. By donating this land to Thales Academy, and eventually donating school sites to Chatham County Schools as well, we’re giving the children of Chatham Park the perfect place to learn and thrive.” This is Preston Development Company’s second partnership with Thales Academy, the first was in Knightdale Station in Knightdale, N.C.

Thales Academy cultivates critical thinkers by teaching students how to think, not what to think, fostering often-ignored skills such as writing and grammar, and developing confident leaders with strong integrity. Consistently outranking nationwide peers on objective, standardized tests Thales ensures its students are well-prepared for success in college and beyond. 

“We look forward to offering the value of a firm and balanced, superior educational foundation for Chatham Park families,” adds Luddy. 

The Thales campus will be similar to existing Thales Academy facilities balancing a modern, yet classical, aesthetic, allowing students to learn in an environment modeled after beauty and order. Campus features will include: floor-to-ceiling glass windows – flooding classrooms with natural light;  an iMac lab, Apple TVs in every classroom, and shared iPad carts – ensuring students are well-versed in technology. Additionally, the school will be outfitted with the latest safety and security features, including controlled-access doors, security cameras, and background check systems for all visitors.

Enrollment into Thales Academy is open to the public


Chatham Park Names Four Area Builders For Single-Family Home Development

Chatham Park has selected four custom homebuilders to lead a second phase of the Vineyards. The second phase includes a new 27-home neighborhood in the Vineyards residential neighborhood of the Live, Work, Play, Learn community located in Pittsboro, N.C. 

The builders were hand selected for their reputation and expertise in the custom home market.     

“We are honored to join in partnership with the other esteemed builders to continue our long-standing tradition of building exceptional custom homes that exceed our client’s expectations,” said Randy Walker, Walker DesignBuild President. 

Each of the 27 single-family homes will be designed and constructed to meet the desires of today’s buyer.  Many homes will have a modern design similar to the information center, a modern prairie,  designed by Tony Frazier of Frazier Home Design.     The homes will be built surrounding the Cottages, the previously announced, first 30-home subdivision in the Vineyards, and located across the street from a new 10-acre town park and Thales Academy school.

“These four companies are among the premiere custom builders in our community,” said Vanessa Jenkins, Executive Vice President of Preston Development Company. “The collective craft of these locally owned building companies will be integral as we continue our pursuit to develop the perfect community for our future residents.” 

“The Vineyards is the first of many neighborhoods to be built over the next three decades in Chatham Park, each offering diverse housing options attracting a broad community of residents,” adds Jenkins. “Our partnership with these builders enables us to help residents own their dream home.”

Unique homes from each builder will be highlighted on the Triangle Parade of Homes this fall. Pre-sales will begin on June 1, 2020.


First Homes in Chatham Park will be Available for Sale This Month

Chatham Park, in partnership with Fresh Paint by Garman Homes, announced on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 that public pre-sales for their first residential homes will begin on Thursday, March 19, 2020. Widely anticipated in the marketplace, purchase appointments will be available via invitation only, on a first come, first serve basis. 

The homes, aptly named The Cottages, will range from 828-1,397 sq. ft., with single story and two story plans, and be priced from the low $200’s. With names like “Hot Chocolate,” “Apple Pie” and “Chicken Noodle Soup,” the home plans offer unique, simple, nostalgic comfort to homebuyers. “We’re building to deliver an experience-rich, simplistic lifestyle,” says Rebecca McAdoo, Division President of Fresh Paint by Garman Homes. “More and more people are purging their clutter and desiring spaces that are artfully designed to the way they want to live. The Cottages will celebrate this lifestyle choice.”

The size and style of these homes are a direct response to a larger consumer trend showing that more people are desiring smaller homes in order to enjoy greater peripheral benefits, such as walkability and a greater sense of community. All of the Cottages will be walking distance from historic downtown Pittsboro and across The street from a new 10 acre town park, being built by Chatham Park, and Thales Academy school.

“The Triangle marketplace has never seen a home product like this. We are proud to be working with Preston Development Company on the Chatham Park project and believe that this up and coming community is the perfect place to showcase our new offering,” adds McAdoo. 

“The ultimate goal of Chatham Park is to create, what our future residents will consider to be, the perfect community and the perfect place for them to call home. That means doing things differently than they’ve ever been done before,” says Vanessa Jenkins, Executive Vice President of Preston Development Company, who is developing Chatham Park. “The Cottages will be the first of many unique neighborhoods here that will cater to niche lifestyle groups, such as minimalist living and artist studios, in order to create a community energized by an expansive diversity of perspectives and talents.”

To receive an invitation for a purchase appointment, interested parties will need to add their name to The Fresh Paint by Garman mailing list at

The Cottages will be move-in ready by October, 2020 and available for viewing at the Triangle Parade of Homes next fall.

To learn more, contact Fresh Paint by Garman Homes at 800.560.1160, or visit their website


Chatham Park Donates $3.5M Park to the Town of Pittsboro

If you listen, you can almost hear the sounds of children playing together, the crack of the bat during a baseball game, and music notes floating on a summer breeze. The first park to be built by Chatham Park is in development.  When complete the structures, land and amenities will be donated to the Town of Pittsboro by the developers in the hopes that this 10-acre park will produce happy memories for decades.

“The creation of the first park in Chatham Park is an investment in the Town that will benefit future generations for years to come” says Chuck Smith, VP of Planning for Preston Development, the development company managing the project. “Recreation and open space amenities that can be used by all to gather, play and exercise provides a much needed community focal point.”

A True Family Park

The new park will be located along Vine Parkway, just off Thompson Street, where children of all ages will find diverse opportunities for fun, adventure, exploration, and learning. A variety of play areas have been designed to create a broad range of experiences. They include the Play Garden where multi-functional elements in the natural play area will be used to complement equipment-based, age-targeted play zones to provide a mix of active and imaginative play; the large multi-use play field where you can throw a frisbee or play a game of soccer; and the Town of Pittsboro’s first Bark Park where your dog can run free, safely and legally, without a leash in fenced space.

Curvilinear pathways respond to varied topography and views allowing visitors to experience a series of landscape episodes that evolve as they walk, not only through the park, but also on the connecting public greenways extending into the nearby neighborhoods.

A large covered pavilion that includes bathrooms, picnic tables and grills can be used by larger groups for community events or programmed activities by the Town. 

This recreational space is truly designed to be enjoyed by all. “Once complete, this park will be open and accessible to all local citizens providing an important recreational amenity for the community,” Smith emphasizes. 

More recreational areas are already in the works in the North Village and will be located within a 5 minute walk of every home. Chatham Park will build at least two more neighborhood parks, a variety of mini parks and gathering spaces, and over 10 miles of paved greenways connecting these and other public spaces in North Village. 

This first park in the Vineyard is expected to be complete in the fall of 2020. Follow our Facebook or Instagram accounts for exciting updates.